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Veterinary Referrals

At Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park, we are happy to provide holistic care and rehabilitation services to your pet clients. We are dedicated to forming relationships with other veterinarians in our area, which is why we have a firm referral policy in place.

When we treat your clients, we communicate with you throughout the entire process. Most importantly, we always send the pet back to your veterinary hospital for routine care. When a client is referred to us for treatment, we do not allow that client to come to Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park for general veterinary care. Referred clients are only allowed to schedule the treatments you request for them at our veterinary hospital, and they can only receive medications from our hospital that are related to that specific treatment.

If you would like to refer one of your clients to Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park for treatment, please fill out the form linked here and send it to us.

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Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park