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David Vilallonga, DVM, MS, PhD, CVA

Chief of Staff

As a third-generation veterinarian, Dr. Vilallonga had a passion for animals since his early childhood days, when he spent a lot of time watching his parents practice veterinary medicine. He went into the family business and eventually obtained his degree in veterinary medicine in 2001 as the valedictorian of his class at the College of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Extremadura (Spain).

Dr. Vilallonga continued his academic career by obtaining a Master of Science degree in veterinary research in 2005 and later a PhD in veterinary microbiology and infectious diseases in 2013—several of his scientific articles were also published in veterinary magazines.

As a lifelong learner, he has been involved in many aspects of the veterinary profession, including working as a specialist in public and animal health for the Department of Agriculture of the Government of Spain. He joined the Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park in July 2012 and has since been devoted to his furry patients in order to give them the best possible care. He has a special interest in alternative approaches such as traditional Chinese veterinary medicine and acupuncture, holistic treatments, and Western medical options. He is also well-versed in general and orthopedic surgery, specifically CCL repair, FHO, and luxating patellas as well as ultrasound for the abdomen and heart.

Dr. Vilallonga is married and has two children and a beloved Golden Retriever named Elsa Marie. She also doubles as his personal medical assistant who you will often see at the clinic honing her skills in getting treats from you!

Dr. David Vilallonga, DVM, MS, PhD, CVA

Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park